Get Data And Control Your Vehicle Through Alexa

The Alexa skill can be installed from the link here or by searching the skill store for “”.

The Alexa skill is only available in English in the following countries:  US, CA, AU, UK.

Current Features:

All requests start with “Alexa, ask my car…..”

Request Data

Battery Level

  • What is my battery at?
  • What is my charge at?
  • What is my battery level at?

Charge Limit

  • What is my charge limit set for?
  • What is my charge set for?
  • What is my charge set to?

Battery Range

  • How much range do I have?
  • How far can I drive?
  • What is my available range?

Vehicle State

  • What is my car is doing?
  • What is my Tesla is doing?
  • What the state of my vehicle is?


  • What is my odometer at?
  • How many miles have I driven?
  • How many miles are on my Tesla?

Inside Temperature

  • What is the inside temperature?
  • What is the temperature inside the car?
  • What is the temperature inside my car?

Outside Temperature

  • What is the outside temperature?
  • What is the temperature outside the car?
  • What is the temperature outside my car?

Both Temperatures

  • What is the temperature?
  • What are the temperature readings?
  • What are the temperatures?


Honk The Horn

  • Honk the horn.
  • Honk the cars horn.
  • Honk my horn.

Flash The Lights

  • Flash the lights.
  • Flash the headlights.

Turn On The HVAC

  • Turn on the heater.
  • Turn on the air conditioning.
  • Heat up the car.
  • Cool down the car.

Turn Off The HVAC

  • Turn off the heater.
  • Turn off the air conditioning.
  • Turn off the air.
  • Turn off the conditioning.

Start Charging

  • Start charging.
  • Charge my car.
  • Begin charging.

Stop Charging

  • Stop charging.
  • End charging.

Charge Limit

  • Set the charge limit to {number} percent.
  • Set the charge level to {number} percent.