Log each charge by location.




Charging Table

View a summary of each charge including the location and type of charge.

Charging Icons

Home Charge – Indicates a charge done at your home address.

Travel Charge – Indicates a charge done away from home that is not done at a Supercharger.

Supercharger – Indicates a charge done at a Supercharger.


Displays the address that the charge occurred or the tagged location.
Click on the address to create a tag to name this location.


Shows the start and ending time of the charge including the total time in hours and minutes.

Battery Level

Shows the starting battery % and ending battery %.


Used – TeslaFi calculates the energy used by the charger, in most cases it is higher than the energy added to the battery.

Added – Shows the kWh added to the battery during the charge.

Charge Efficiency

Shows the efficiency of the amount of energy used by the charger compared to the amount added to the battery.


Avg Voltage – Shows the average voltage during the charging session.

Max Voltage – Shows the highest recorded voltage during the charging session.


Avg Amps – Shows the average amperage during the charging session.

Max Amps – Shows the highest recorded amperage during the charging session.

Charge Cost

Shows the estimated cost of the charge based on the energy used by the charger and the per kWh entered in the settings page.

Range Added

Shows the distance added during the charge specific to your rated/typical settings and distance settings.

Estimated Time

Shows the time estimated to complete the charge based on the initial API reading.


Shows the odometer reading during the charge.


Press X to delete this drive from your database.

Charging Detail Screen

Displays a charging graph and the API data from the charging session.

Click on the battery icon in the charging table to view per minute data collected from the API during the charge.

Select the Edit Layout button to customize the table data for all charges throughout the site.  Select from over 100 data points collected from the Tesla API.