Schedule Commands To Control Your Vehicle

Use TeslaFi scheduling to automate tasks like warming up or cooling your vehicle before you leave for work and return home.  Most things you do with the Tesla phone app can be scheduled to run automatically with TeslaFi scheduling.


  • Active:  Turns the schedule on or off.
  • Command:  Select which command to send to the vehicle.
  • Setting:  Setting used to send the temperature or charge limit to the vehicle.
  • Location:  Select the location which the schedule will be active or Any to have the command run at any location.
  • Charger:  Limit the schedule to run only if the charger is connected, disconnected or any.
  • Hour:  Select the hour to run the schedule.
  • Minute:  Select the minutes to run the schedule.
  • Day Of The Week:  Select which days of the week the schedule should run.
  • Email:  Select to receive an email notification if the schedule ran successfully or unsuccessfully.
  • Run Once:  Select to run the schedule once and then delete it.
  • Save:  Save the settings of the schedule.
  • Delete:  Delete the schedule.

Available Controls

  • Wake Up:  Sends a wake up command to the vehicle.  The API does not provide a response to this command so it will only be sent once.
  • Flash Lights:  Flashes the headlights of the vehicle.
  • Honk Horn:  Honk the horn of the vehicle.
  • Lock Doors:  Lock the doors of the vehicle.
  • Unlock Doors:  Unlock the doors of the vehicle.
  • Start HVAC:  Start the conditioning of the vehicle.  Note:  The HVAC will continue to run until it is stopped or the battery level reaches 20%.
  • Stop HVAC:  Stop the conditioning of the vehicle.
  • Set HVAC Temperature:  Set the temperature of the HVAC system.
  • Start Charging:  Starts charging.
  • Stop Charging:  Stops charging.
  • Set Charge Limit:  Set the charge limit percentage.


  • A command will be run at the scheduled time and will be attempted up to 5 times until the API returns a response that it was received successfully.
  • The view log link will display a log of all previously run schedules including responses from the API.
  • No schedules will run while the vehicle is driving.
  • More than one schedule can run at the same time.  The schedules will be run by order of schedule ID.